Graffiti Park

If you’re ever find yourself in Austin, Texas, the graffiti park on Baylor Street is a must visit. It is an amazing embodiment of the local art and culture.



$200 Trip (number one)

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or pro when it comes to traveling, saving a little money is never a bad thing. When you’re a college student, like me, you’ll most likely fall on the weekend warrior side of the stick.

This past Friday, I decided to drive out to Austin, Tx (3 hours west of where I currently live), to check out 9th street bmx, ride a little and snap some photos. I departed a little past noon, filling up my tank for $20 and spending another $10 on coffee and a late lunch. I arrived at about 4 and checked in at a hostel called Drifter Jack’s, just a block to the west of UT at Austin. With the average Austin hotel cost being around $150 a night, $47 for a bunk in the middle of town was a steal!

Being only a block away, I had to try Torchy’s, after hearing one of my friends mention it. “The Wrangler” and a half order of the “Hillbilly Queso” made for a memorable meal, totaling $7.25.

Back to the hostel I walk (the cheaper of options especially in big cities). I got to spend my evening sitting out side chatting, playing pool and beer pong with other guests. Being to young to go “pub crawling”, I sat outside sipping on a blue moon with a pair of girls from the u.k. majoring in screenwriting/ film.

The next morning I wasn’t to eager to jump out of bed and go seek out riding spots to the nights rain. So I sipped some coffee and chatted with my bunk mates and other visitors at the hostel. After finally convincing myself to get my day started, I checked out and went to one of my roomie’s favorites, Kerbey Lane Cafe. If you ever find yourself here, I recommend the Steak enchilada benedict, totaling 17 dollars including a tip.

I went on to explore. My first destination, the shops and area around thee hostel. After this I headed to the graffiti park. It took me back to the time I visited Austin with my parents years before. From here I proceeded to walk a couple blocks to 9th street, which, as I expected was flooded.

Spending $20 on gas and a redbull at 14:30, I started on my drive home, having only spent $131.25 on essentials.

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