Photography Journal #1

When “life happens” it can get hard to travel as much as you’d like. Pulling a hundred bucks out of my bank account and disappearing for days at a time to go exploring and taking photos would be a little counter productive when I have certain things coming up like exams and preparing for a powerlifting meet (training, dieting, etc). Yet I’ve come to realized that sometimes the best places to go check out out are in your own back yard.

I’ve lived in this West Texas college town for a good year and a half now. I recently came to realize I’d been down town maybe 3 times. With a free morning, I decided to grab my bmx and camera and go ride along the river.

Here’s one of the best pics from then:layered.jpg


Graffiti Park

If you’re ever find yourself in Austin, Texas, the graffiti park on Baylor Street is a must visit. It is an amazing embodiment of the local art and culture.


$200 Trip (number one)

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or pro when it comes to traveling, saving a little money is never a bad thing. When you’re a college student, like me, you’ll most likely fall on the weekend warrior side of the stick.

This past Friday, I decided to drive out to Austin, Tx (3 hours west of where I currently live), to check out 9th street bmx, ride a little and snap some photos. I departed a little past noon, filling up my tank for $20 and spending another $10 on coffee and a late lunch. I arrived at about 4 and checked in at a hostel called Drifter Jack’s, just a block to the west of UT at Austin. With the average Austin hotel cost being around $150 a night, $47 for a bunk in the middle of town was a steal!

Being only a block away, I had to try Torchy’s, after hearing one of my friends mention it. “The Wrangler” and a half order of the “Hillbilly Queso” made for a memorable meal, totaling $7.25.

Back to the hostel I walk (the cheaper of options especially in big cities). I got to spend my evening sitting out side chatting, playing pool and beer pong with other guests. Being to young to go “pub crawling”, I sat outside sipping on a blue moon with a pair of girls from the u.k. majoring in screenwriting/ film.

The next morning I wasn’t to eager to jump out of bed and go seek out riding spots to the nights rain. So I sipped some coffee and chatted with my bunk mates and other visitors at the hostel. After finally convincing myself to get my day started, I checked out and went to one of my roomie’s favorites, Kerbey Lane Cafe. If you ever find yourself here, I recommend the Steak enchilada benedict, totaling 17 dollars including a tip.

I went on to explore. My first destination, the shops and area around thee hostel. After this I headed to the graffiti park. It took me back to the time I visited Austin with my parents years before. From here I proceeded to walk a couple blocks to 9th street, which, as I expected was flooded.

Spending $20 on gas and a redbull at 14:30, I started on my drive home, having only spent $131.25 on essentials.

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