Photography Journal #1

When “life happens” it can get hard to travel as much as you’d like. Pulling a hundred bucks out of my bank account and disappearing for days at a time to go exploring and taking photos would be a little counter productive when I have certain things coming up like exams and preparing for a powerlifting meet (training, dieting, etc). Yet I’ve come to realized that sometimes the best places to go check out out are in your own back yard.

I’ve lived in this West Texas college town for a good year and a half now. I recently came to realize I’d been down town maybe 3 times. With a free morning, I decided to grab my bmx and camera and go ride along the river.

Here’s one of the best pics from then:layered.jpg


Graffiti Park

If you’re ever find yourself in Austin, Texas, the graffiti park on Baylor Street is a must visit. It is an amazing embodiment of the local art and culture.


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