Black Tap

On New Year’s Day, Jack wanted to take me to dinner to this cool burger place he had heard of called Black Tap, which is located in The Venetian. The food was great, and inside there were cool lights and lots of fun things to look at. They have these really extravagant milkshakes as well, with sweets on the side, on top, and sticking out of them.

After dinner, we left with the intention of getting in Jack’s truck, and going home. We were stopped short though, because we had gotten lost in our attempt at finding the parking garage which we had parked in. For one whole hour, we walked around The Venetian trying to retrace our steps with no luck. Keep in mind that I was wearing heels for the duration of the hour we were walking around aimlessly. That was fun.

We had asked four employees working in the casino for help finding the garage we parked in, and each one of them had told us the same thing. Basically there were three different parking garages and we had been on the other side of where we needed to be. That was confusing. Well long story short, we eventually retraced our steps and managed to get back to the same elevator that we had come up in, and we were able to get in the truck and finally go home. The end.


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